It’s official, Amelia is staying!

I knew it! That lucky little kitten, Amelia, has done it. She’s purred her way into my human’s heart.

The stitches came out and the collar came off on Wednesday last, and Amelia’s chasing me all around the house again. They say she’s blind but she sure doesn’t act like it. You should see that girl play soccer with a crinkly foil ball, and she hardly ever even runs into a wall! Even I think she’s amazing and that’s something coming from a dog.

Poor Amelia had an accident this morning. We were playing and she had chased me up the stairs. Then it happened…, she fell off the upstairs landing onto the hard floor below. I swear it wasn’t my fault; I was already on my window seat in the office when it happened.

Amelia was really scared and didn’t move. I think she hit her nose as she made that funny cat noise when our human picked her up and touched it.

After that, she didn’t want to play anymore and took a really long nap, which was okay with me as I needed one myself. My morning nap on the window seat is my favorite time of the day. Or is it walk time…? Mealtime…? Treat time…? Definitely NOT bath time! Anyway, it was nap time so I took one.

Amelia finally woke up and I’m really glad. So was our human who kept checking on her every few minutes. No wonder that kitten napped so long, she couldn’t get any sleep.

Everyone knows, a dog’s nose is far superior to that of a cat. I must admit though, Amelia seems to have a pretty good one herself and she’s just a kitten. She knows where the litter box is now (thank Gawd because she pooped in my kibble dish last week!), the treat jar, her favorite toys and even the other cats, though of course I could smell them from across the street. I’ve heard the humans talking about how when someone loses sight, the other senses are enhanced. It seems like that’s what’s going on with Amelia so I hope she didn’t really hurt her nose this morning.

Anyway, Amelia is staying. I’m glad.

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2 Responses to It’s official, Amelia is staying!

  1. Chas. says:

    Great stuff, Maggie. You and your human have the biggest hearts and the greatest dedication. That tumble off the stairs really hit home. I have the same sort of arrangement in my house and no more soft carpets. I shudder at the thought of my 15-year-old boy Burmese, who’s deaf and is going through a stretch of Horner’s in one eye, taking such a fall. He’s had every other mishap imaginable–including a 5 minute ride in the clothes dryer at a much younger age–so I can relate to Amelia’s dilemma. I think being a kitten is the saving grace. Good luck with raising this one, Maggie!

  2. Mary says:

    I hope Amelia is ok. That was so funny when Maggie said she pooped in his kibble dish.!