Hello World!

Yes, I’m a dog. Not just a dog, but a Scottish Terrier who has been forced to live in a house full of cats!

Any self-respecting member of my noble breed would just as soon chase these hairy creatures to the end of the street, over a fence and beyond, but I must admit I have grown quite fond of them myself. I’m sure my mother would be mortified if she knew.

The number of cats I live with varies, depending on whether or not it is kitten season. Since my human volunteers for Catalyst for Cats, there are often whole litters of kittens in the house.

During the rest of the year, I live with five resident felines: Spencer, Barney, Nemo, Tweety and the newest, a little blind kitten name Amelia. Occasionally I may let them “speak” on this blog, but only if what they have to say is really important.

Getting back to kitten season, my human seems to think that I have a special talent when it comes to socializing the usually motherless little things. I must admit, I do find it a lot of fun chasing them up and down the upstairs hallway. My favorite part of training is washing their faces after they’ve eaten. I so love cat food!

While I love teaching them that dogs can be really good friends, they have taught me in return about CLAWS and therefore I have gained a grudgingly healthy respect for the species.

Barney is my favorite cat, and we nap together all the time on the window seat. Barney seems to think I’m his mom. My human says he “imprinted” on me after she trapped him as a tiny feral kitten nearly four years ago. She even wrote a book about it called Maggie Adopts a Kitten, but hasn’t found a publisher yet.

The other cats are okay, but right now Amelia needs my special attention. As I mentioned, she’s blind and recovering from eye surgery. I hear her stitches are coming out tomorrow and maybe her cone of shame will also come off. I’m still trying to figure out how to engage her in play. In the meantime, Barney and I let her nap with us on our window seat. We think she’s staying….

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10 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Maggie! It’s good to hear from you here, since I have not seen you in quite a while. You’re doing a great job with your pride of kittens & cats. I know you will figure out how to help Amelia learn how to play with abandon once that nasty cone thing is history.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  2. Amy O. says:

    Glad to hear your tales, Maggie. Thanks for being so nice to the cats. You are an inspiration to all.

  3. Deanna H. says:

    Good job Maggie. You are such a loving and amazingly unselfish animal! One of a kind…

  4. Darlene A. says:

    Hi Maggie!
    What a good girl you are to be so sweet to the kitties. I’m glad you’re taking a special interest Amelia. Click! Treat! Goooood Maggie!

  5. Deanna H. says:

    p.s. the picture of the three of them is precious!

  6. Hi Maggie, What a lovely doggy blog–I’m sure you’ll have lots of furry tails…I mean, “tales” to share. Very nice to *virtually* meet you, and your kitty charges.

  7. Coco Corrigan says:

    Hi Maggie
    Glad to hear you are having so much fun with your cat friends. Don’t forget you are still a canine and should hang with the big dogs once in a while. Maybe our humans can arrange for another play date for us on Pismo Beach soon. That was more fun if you ask me!
    Your friend,
    Coco Corrigan

  8. Pack leader says:

    How patient and understanding you are, Maggie! It’s a good thing you and your mom are doing. I think you’ll find you’re not alone in the situation… We are outnumbered in our home by an 8 to 1 ratio!

  9. Petey Blasjo says:

    Hi Maggie-
    So glad to see you are writing. It’s fun. I know because I wrote a story about going on an RV trip with my mom and dad. Maybe you could teach me to appreciate cats because I really don’t care for them very much.
    Petey Blasjo

  10. Pixie Gamble says:

    Hey, Maggie, a woof and a butt sniff to you!
    I think its great to learn of another dog in Los Alamos who likes cats (and not just for dinner!). I look forward to seeing Cal every evening on my walk. Cal hangs out on Shaw and comes out from under the trailer to say “Hi!”. Sometimes we chase each other or just roll over on our backs and stretch out and enjoy life. At least until my human drags me away. Most cats are bigger than me anyway so I don’t feel the need to go the ‘macho’ dog route. I look forward to hearing more of your stories!
    Pixie Gamble