Amelia gets a kitten and a new home

Marci finally caved in and surrendered to the WWP (World War Pee) that has been raging in the house for the past month. Amelia will be leaving soon, and I will miss her company on the window seat.

Poor Amelia has been sequestered upstairs to separate her from all the other cats. This has not been easy on Marci or the kitten, who learned to leap tall barriers just to join us all downstairs, then cried her little heart out when the barricade was heightened. At least the peeing has stopped, and we can all safely sleep in our beds or sit on a couch or chair once again without finding an unpleasant surprise.

A week-and-a-half ago Marci received another tiny black kitten, one that had been found in the middle of the road beneath the highway overpass. He was dubbed “Freeway,” tested, neutered and presented to Amelia as a playmate. After a few days of hissing and growling, the two are now bonded as closely as any littermates or mother and son could be. The complaining of being locked in has stopped, so this was a good thing.

Now they spend part of the day together in the fresh air and sunshine out in the catio. Marci says that it is very good for a cat’s health to be able to enjoy the outside in a safe manner. At night they go back upstairs.

This arrangement seems to work well for everyone but Marci, who says it has created a lot more work for her. She does spend a lot more time going up and down the stairs these days and I heard her praying that the washing machine wouldn’t break down while our beds were in it. Still, what is she complaining about? I hear she’s retired!

I know she is very upset about losing Amelia, but the cats have spoken loud and clear that she is no longer welcome. Living in a small space upstairs and shuffled to the catio during the day, is no life for active kittens. They need a new safe place so in a few days, Amelia and Freeway will be going away, hopefully to their forever home. The good thing is that they will be staying together.

As for me, I’d like them to stay, but the cats won the war this time. And they call it a Dog’s Life? I don’t get it…

Check out the three of us on my window seat. That Freeway was still afraid of me. As if I’d hurt a tiny kitten, especially one with claws! LOL

Maggie, Freeway and Amelia

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