I’m going to be in a magazine!

Marci is very excited. A couple of weeks ago she received a call from Guideposts magazine and they want to publish the story about when I tamed Barney, way back when he was a nasty feral kitten. For me, it was no big deal but the humans seem to think it was something very special.

Today I had to have a bath and be groomed because the photographer is coming to take all of our pictures. I don’t understand why it must include bathing and brushing, two things I detest, but I had no choice. At least the nice neighbor lady who clipped me knew what she was doing so I didn’t shake the way I usually do. One cool thing is that now I can see as she really trimmed my eyebrows! I hope Marci made some notes for the next time she grooms me…. She says I look like a proper Scottie now. I just feel silly.

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