Being a Star is Exhausting!

Yesterday was very exciting. A man with a whole car full of equipment came to take my picture for a magazine. He was also there to photograph Barney and Marci, but I was the star. He didn’t care about any of the other cats, except for the fact that he was very allergic to them. That’s probably why we stayed outside in the sun most of the time, which was very hot for me as I’m a beautiful shiny black.

The photographer brought a squeaky toy, but all he did was tease me. I never even got to play with it! At least Marci gave me treats which I worked very hard for. The man was here for six hours so I got a lot more cookies than I usually do.

Barney didn’t like having his picture taken at all. Marci kept having to drag him out of the garden or from under the bench upstairs and hold him tightly so he wouldn’t run off. He managed to get in nine good scratches, so while Marci went in to wash the blood off, the man took lots more photos of me.

We finished the day upstairs in the office with Barney and me on the window seat where we watch the neighbors and nap together every day. Since I was there, Barney relaxed and Marci didn’t have to hold him down. That part didn’t last long as the man started making funny breathing noises. I guess that was the allergic-to-cats part he’d been talking about.

After the photographer left, we were all very tired and took long naps, especially me as I hadn’t had a single one all day! Being a star is very exhausting.

photo by Michael Brian

Here is one of my cute shots from yesterday.

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