A Sad Halloween

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time, but we’ve been busy.

Barney, Marci and I were nursing a skinny little kitten named JD for three months. He had something called megaesophagus, which Marci says was why he could not keep his food down. We were trying to save his life, but we lost him on Halloween and we are all very sad.

Barney was especially good with JD, watching over him from the hallway outside his nursery. When JD came out to play in the office, we all snuggled together on the window seat, or the cats played chase and bat-the-mouse together on the floor around Marci’s feet while she sat at her computer.

Sometimes Marci would take JD out into the backyard to play with Barney and me. I usually watched while the cats hunted bugs in the garden and practiced climbing trees. Marci always made them come down if they went too high, though.

That was Barney’s fault, because two weeks ago he climbed a tree and jumped the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Boy did I bark, “Get back here right now!” Usually Barney listens to me, but not this time, so Marci had to call the neighbor to shoo Barney back home. Marci gave Barney a “time out” and he wasn’t allowed outside for a few days after that.

The Wednesday before Halloween JD, Barney and I were playing together outside again. Marci had her camera and took pictures of us. JD was really sick after that and someone came to take him to the vet. He never came home.

Barney and I really miss him. Marci says he is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, a legendary place where all pets go after death. I sure hope it’s true, because we are very sad that he’s gone.

This is my favorite picture of JD that Marci took that last day.

photo by Marci Kladnik

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