They want to take my picture again!

Finally some good news…

Guideposts magazine emailed my human with the request to photograph Barney and me again! They want to put us in the 2012 Christmas issue at the beginning of the animal stories section. Isn’t that cool? And Michael Brian is going to take the pictures just like last time. I hope he brings a toy to leave instead of just teasing me with it! I still wear the nice red collar his assistant made for me. Everyone comments how pretty I look in it when Marci takes me for a walk.

I had to have that “grooming” thing done again. I hate it as those clippers and scissors are really scary. I don’t like the bath part either, but Marci does give me a lot more hugs and kisses after I’ve had one and I get an extra cookie at bedtime that night.

Today the cleaners came to get the house ready for the photo shoot tomorrow. Michael is very allergic to cats, so there was a lot of extra vacuuming and scrubbing to do, even through we are going to try and take the pictures outside in the catio. It all depends on how Barney behaves. Me, I love being a star inside or out!

My human also had two emails requesting product reviews on some new pet products. I sure hope there’s something in the boxes for me when they come as the cats seem to get all the cool stuff. They don’t even share, which isn’t very nice, but sometimes if I’m quick I can snag one of the tasty treats before a cat pounces on it.

Marci was very excited that two of the products are for calming cats down, a collar and a spray. This box came just in time for the photo shoot so paws crossed that they will work on Barney. There was also a “No!” spray in the box for cats and dogs. I’m sure hope that wasn’t for me as I’m always good….

Woofs until next time.

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