I’ve been napping…

From the Rainbow Bridge…This will be Maggie’s last official blog post. It has been in draft form for a few years but Marci did not have the heart to post it. Maggie sadly passed away quite suddenly on July 18, 2015 from acute renal failure. Marci will now blog in her stead with tales of cats and Dori, the rescue Chihuahua/Jack Russell she adopted a month after Maggie left her side. 

(Maggie’s last post found in Drafts was written November 22, 2013.)

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. In my defense, it wasn’t my fault (I needed help keyboarding).

The past few years were pretty sad. Marci lost both her parents and my own mother died. Of course the cats couldn’t have cared less except for when all the ruckus affected their dinner schedule. As for me I just didn’t feel like writing.

Why is it always about the cats for my human? Am I not the defender of the castle? The official greeter of strangers? The loyal compadre? Really? The cats got an expanded cattery and skywalks and I lost a big part of the backyard in return. I say again, really?

It all started in August when Marci brought home another large kennel. The cats and I all watched as she arranged it around three sides of the sunroom and then connected it to the existing catio. (You can read all about it on Catster.com if you want. Notice there are NO photos of me in it.) That’s when I lost part of my yard. [sigh]

If that weren’t enough, the house was suddenly filled with strange men cutting holes in the wall and making lots of noise. Plastic sheets hung everywhere and paper was taped to the floor. At night the cats played games of chase through the construction zone, tearing the plastic sheets down and ripping the paper. At least I didn’t get blamed for that.

This went on for weeks. When they finally finished, there was a new balcony area (Marci calls it a reading loft) overlooking the living room. There were also skywalks (for the cats, of course!) that led off the balcony and went all the way around the room. Marci also wrote about this on Catster.com and, again, there are NO photos of me in that article! [grrr]

Something good (for me) actually came from the catwalks, because Marci has been tossing cat treats onto them to encourage the four fur brats to use them. Of course I hang around to sniff out any goodies that fall off to the living room floor below. Cat treats are the best, even though I’m not supposed to have them.

Oh! That reminds me. I think it’s dinner time….

PS from Marci…Maggie’s passing on top of losing my parents was quite traumatic for me but even more so for Barney. Barney grieved, searched and called for Maggie for months and became a lap kitty. He has now decided that he simply MUST be an indoor/outdoor cat. Even with the large catio, he began peeing on the furniture and I simply had no choice but to let him out during the day. He comes in at dusk to sleep at the foot of my bed. The other cats are jealous and time will tell how this all will play out.

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