Cat-Tested Products

The Bergan Turbo Track cat toy is a hit at my house. The original kit configures into five different arrangements to keep the cat’s interest. Best of all, you can combine kits to expand the track. Great for households with children who enjoy building things. Add one of the Star Chaser balls for even more fun. Check it out at Bergan Experience.

My cats love the Bergan Scratch Furniture-Lounger. Made of recycled paper, not only is it earth-friendly, but irresistible to cats who love to scratch. Save your furniture; check it out at Bergan Experience.

The toy I have to hide is the katarantula made by Nekochan. These life-like and sturdy wand toys are definitely on the “must have” list for my cats. I just have to open the closet and pull it out to bring my critters running to be the first to play with mom. Several different styles are available.

The Kong company makes some awesome toys for both cats and dogs. Little Amelia was fortunate enough to be a tester for the new Kitty Kong and Easy Treat along with the Wobbler. Being action- and olfactory-driven, these two toys appeal to her heightened senses. As always, they are Kong tough!

Pawbreakers! toys, being 100% edible catnip, are simply irresistible to cats. Find a great selection of these at .

SENTRY Calming Collar, Calming Spray, Calming Diffuser and Stop That! from Sergeant’s are four wonderful new pheromone-based additions to the pet-owner’s behavior modification arsenal. From firsthand experience, I can attest to their effectiveness in curbing aggressiveness and stress in both cats and dogs.

Treat dispensers are a must for the cat left alone during the day and for “hefty” kitties in need of exercise. A little trick I’ve discovered is to fill them with kibble from those free sample packets you sometimes find at the pet stores, along with a few dental and/or hairball treats. View four different styles at and two new ones, Kitty Kong and Easy Treat and the Kat Wobbler by Kong.