Human Endorsements

Fizzion is a new “earth-friendly” pet stain and odor remover that really works! I’ve been using it effectively all over the house, and the stains are not reappearing as so often happens. Fizzion is so new that it has not yet been picked up by the larger pet store chains, but can be found at

The best litter scoop on the market is the Litter-Lifter “no clogging, no shaking, cuts dust” series. I love that it doesn’t drag through the litter as the flat-bladed scoops do. Check out the video and order online at

The Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box was an awesome find, especially for a multi-cat household. It makes litter scooping a thing of the past and cuts the cleaning time down to about 10 seconds per box. There is a short learning curve to go through and some large cats may not use the box as it is covered and can be cramped inside. Check out the demo for yourself at

SENTRY Calming Collar, Calming Spray, Calming Diffuser and Stop That! from Sergeant’s are four wonderful new pheromone-based additions to the pet-owner’s behavior modification arsenal. From firsthand experience, I can attest to their effectiveness in curbing aggressiveness and stress in both cats and dogs.

There is a stick-on gel disc from that deodorizes conventional litter boxes, open or closed styles. It can also be used near dog beds.